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"Sheepskins add a sense of luxury"


Each of our sheepskins is unique. They add a sense of luxury to everyday life. Sheepskin is a wonderful, natural material. In the winter it is nice and warm; in the summer it stays pleasantly cool. Lovely to lie on indoors and outdoors, for young and old. In the pram, in your comfy chair or simply on the floor.

Each skin has its own colour, pattern and shine. Most of the skins we sell are long-haired. They have beautiful locks, sometimes up to 20 centimetres long. The leather side of these skins is unbuffed, which gives them a natural look. A small number of skins are shaved short and buffed; these are washable.

The skins are tanned at Tranås Skinnberedning in central Sweden, where they work sustainably and according to old Swedish traditions. Tranås has an internationally recognized environmental certificate (Nordic environmental certification of tanneries).


Sheepskins will give you years of pleasure. These tips will help you keep your skins looking their best:

  • Shake out your sheepskins regularly, beating them either by hand or with a rug beater. You can also clean them with a hoover.
  • Let them air outside for a while. In the winter, just lay them fleece-side down in the snow!
  • Washing is usually not necessary. Sheepskins are naturally dirt-repellent and self-cleaning, so they stay hygienic on their own. All washable skins are accompanied by washing instructions from the tannery.
  • If you sit on your skin often, it may start to felt a bit. To restore your skin's softness and resilience, you can brush it gently with a carding brush or wool comb.

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