About me

As a potter, I always seek to create well-balanced forms. My work is often minimalist: I prefer simple, strong designs with clean lines.

I work with various types of stoneware clay. Often I will leave an object partly unglazed to reveal the bare clay body. I prefer to work with vibrant glazes, and all the glazes I use, I make myself.

My studio is in Sunnemo, a village in the Swedish countryside. Alongside my work as a potter, I spend much of my time elsewhere on our farm. When I'm not at my potter's wheel, I can be found in our large vegetable garden, in the kitchen or with the chickens and sheep.

"To create, I go to a quiet place within myself"


When I'm in my studio, I go to a quiet place within myself. Only once I've left all the noise behind am I able to do my best throwing.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing form requires focus, careful looking, sharp observation and being in touch with one's centre. Living on a quiet homestead helps me do that. I take the silence of the surroundings into my studio. And from that peacefulness, new space to meet the world emerges.


I see handmade pottery as something very personal. Knowing who made your coffee mug helps you feel connected to the world around you. That's why I prefer to make things you can use in your everyday life: from plates, cups and bowls to vases and candleholders.

"A low-impact, largely self-sufficient lifestyle"


‘Simplicity’ is something I value in all aspects of my life. In 2011, my husband and I left the hustle and bustle of the Netherlands for the Swedish countryside. We wanted to reduce our impact and be more self-sufficient. It's been a long journey, but we've come far: we produce much of our own food, heat the house with wood from our property, and keep chickens and sheep.

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